Adecco Worldwide 

50 years of history

Adecco is the world's leading company providing comprehensive services in the field of human resources management and HR consulting. Adecco was created in 1996 as a result of a merger of a Swiss company Adia and French company Ecco. We operate in 60 countries. We employ 31,000 professionals in over 5,200 locations, arranging temporary and permanent jobs for 650,000 people a day. Our services are used by 100,000 customers every day. Last year we generated a revenue of 20 billion euros and net profit of 638 million euros. Adecco is listed on the stock exchange in Switzerland and France.

Adecco is on the 427th place on the prestigious list of "Fortune Global" - 500 most profitable companies, and on the 540th place on the list of 2,000 largest companies in the world published every year by “Forbes" magazine.

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