Polish HR forum 

Adecco Poland is a member and one of the founders of the Polish HR Forum 

(formerly Federation of Temporary Staffing Agencies) which was founded in 2002 to promote the highest ethical standards in the employment agencies. Since very beginning, the Polish HR Forum experts have been working for development of an employment agency sector in Poland. They contribute to and provide an opinion on draft laws, participate in a tripartite committee, meet with representatives of public institutions in defending the interests of the sector.

The activities of the Polish HR Forum are aimed at those using the services of employment agencies: we educate, inform, share our good practice thereby setting the higher standards of operation.

As a member of PKPP Lewiatan and Ciett - the largest confederation uniting employment agencies in the world - Polish HR Forum is recognized as a social partner in Poland and Europe.

Anna Wicha, Country Manager Adecco Poland  Anna Wicha, Country Manager of Adecco Poland, is a president of the Polish HR Forum.

Anna Wicha is also a member of the Eurociett Board
(European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies) - the largest organization that represents employment agencies in Europe. Eurociett is a European fraction of Ciett - the strongest international voice on the employment agencies market.

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