Temporary Work 

What is a temporary job?

Temporary job is a specific form of employment. A temporary employee is employed by a temporary employment agency to perform temporary work for and under supervision of the employer – user. The temporary worker is thus formally employed by a temporary employment agency, but performs his duties for the employer-user, or a client of a temporary employment agency. He defines the scope of the employee’s duties, has a direct influence on his work, and also takes care of security in the place where it is exercised.

Temporary work may be either periodic, seasonal or temporary (last several hours or even several months), but it can also be a transitional period prior to permanent employment with the employer.

Why is it a good form of employment?

Temporary work is a good solution for people of all ages.

Young people who still learn have the opportunity to work part-time. This allows them to coordinate work and studies. This way, they have a chance not only to win additional financial resources, but also it gives a chance to gain pricelss experience in modern times.

Temporary work is also an attractive form of employment for women returning to work after childbirth. Working part-time allows them to coordinate maternity and work duties.

This form of employment is also beneficial for people aged 50 +, do do not only gain an additional source of income, but it sustains their professional activity, so important to maintain a good psychophysical condition.

Temporary work is also an opportunity to gain permanent employment. Many of our clients  employ the best temporary workers.

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