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Scope of Adecco Poland services

Adecco, a global leader in human resource management solutions, offers a full range of HR services.

Recruitment and selection of a permanent staff
Classic recruitment and selection carried out by our consultants is a direct search, supported by the AdeccoWeb database and, if necessary, online advertisements and / or press releases.

Recruitment of temporary staff
Flexible and modern solution which is assignment of employees employed by Adecco Poland to work, but on behalf and under the supervision of the Customer. We also conduct mass recruitment that covers a large number of employees with similar qualifications.

Outsourcing of functions in the field of personnel management
It involves outsourcing specific tasks in the field of personnel management beyond the company. It is mostly related to the administration of payroll and employee’s Personal File, recruitment and selection, as well as the use of assigned workers, formally employed by Adecco Poland.

Direct search for key professionals, managers and executives (Direct & Executive Search)
Active and direct search for candidates perfect for senior management positions. This method is used when it is not appropriate to disclose company's recruitment and expectations towards candidates are defined and often very high.

Support of staff through the office located at the Customer’s premises (On-site Management)
The coordinators delivering Adecco Poland solutions are dedicated to the only one customer. This means increased effectiveness and efficiency of services, quick response to the changing needs and reduction of administration costs.

International Recruitment
In Poland, we recruit candidates for our foreign partners to work in other European countries and in the World. We have long-term experience, a dedicated team and specialist tools to offer companies interested in recruitment  the best candidates from Poland.

The review and evaluation of candidates (Assessment Center)
The method of competency assessment and professional potential of the candidates for the job are formulated based on the observation of a potential employee in the performance of tasks similar to those occurring in the organization.

Assessment of the employees, determination of the potential and direction of development (Development Center)
The tool is used to diagnose the level of competence of employees and allows you to explore their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, the customer obtains information on the employee development plan and what the training needs of the company are.

Outplacement program
Outplacement is a system of support provided by the company and constructed for the needs of leaving employees. This includes psychological counseling, assistance in finding a new job as well as an assistance plan defined and developed for each employee individually.

Advice on human resources management and the labor market
We offer a specialized type of advice including the labor market, recruitment processes, motivation systems, assessment  of employees, career paths, job descriptions, employee handbooks, "soft HR." We also conduct audits in the HR departments and suggest remedial actions (Adecco Adjust).

Management and coordination with other personnel providers (Master Vendoring)
It is to provide employees and simultaneous coordination of work of all other staff providers by Adecco Poland. Thanks to this solution the customer is assured of a level of control over skills, tasks and processes and maintains contact with Adecco Poland only.

Trying the employee prior to employment on a permanent basis (Try & Hire)
As part of this service the customer is given an employee who performs the required actions without being employed. When the customer decides and after several months of employment on the temporary contract, the customer has the right to take the employee on a permanent contract.

Manual and online testing
Xpert tests are designed for candidates and allow to check the skills of staff assigned to production (manual test system - Xpert Manual Dexterity Tests) and administrative positions (language tests, computer skills and typing).

To meet our customers’ expectations, we offer a full range of services and best practices. We always search for an individual approach to each client, because we treat human resources as the greatest good of the company. We offer help and advice in the field of Human Resources and we guarantee that we will execute any order. Take advantage of our great experience and support you would expect from the leader in the branch, who has been working in the global market for the last 50 years.

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