1 million 200 thousand Poles working abroad


Within the last 11 years, over 3 million 200 thousand Poles have taken up a job abroad. The vast majority, because 2 million 450 thousand people, did it after our country entered the EU structures. Currently it is estimated 1 million 200 thousand Poles work out of Poland, in Europe.  More and more of them use a professional agency personnel consulting firms.

Adecco Poland has been providing services in the field of human capital management since 2005. It has employed 5,600 workers abroad in such industries as construction, transport and logistics, engineering, medical industry and hospitals.

The most important markets interested in employees from Poland are Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden), Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy and Spain. In 2010 Adecco made it possible for 30 Polish workers to go for work in Sweden as they were employed in the construction industry and medicine.

22-24 March a.d. Adecco Poland celebrated the 5th anniversary of the language campus located in Szaflary close to Zakopane, which is the only training center in Poland for Poles interested in travelling for work abroad.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss current experience of Adecco Poland in the field of international recruitment.

- Thanks to such a place as a language campus in Szaflary, Adecco Poland is able to provide a professional and reliable preparation to all those who intend to work abroad. The employer gets appropriately prepared employee also in terms of language, and people going for work leave the country with comfort of freedom in communicating abroad - stresses Anna Wicha, Country Manager of Adecco Poland. - As for 2011, we are planning to recruit more than 600-700 employees of different sectors.

Language Campus in Szaflary is a strategic component of adaptation of Poles to work abroad. Candidates usually take part in a few months training, during which they participate in four-stage language training (basic and specialized vocabulary), presentations outlining specificity of the labor market and legal conditions in a specific country as well as medical tests.

- Courses conducted by our campus last from 1 to 6 months and are tailored to the needs of employers and particular country. Every time we organize them we verify their direction according to the market needs. During training, Adecco provides the trainees with accommodation, full board and educational materials - says Przemysław Osuch, Business Development Director in Adecco Poland. - Organized training is a huge contribution of the candidates themselves, who we encourage to the greatest possible involvement. We, however know that the joint effort that we make in international recruitment makes profits when the candidate starts work abroad.