Adecco is the partner of another Alliance for YOUth edition

Under the Alliance for YOUth programme, 115,000 new jobs have been created for young EU citizens by more than 200 companies. Adecco will also partner the programme in the years 2017-2020.

As many as 71 million young people worldwide are currently unemployed. At the same time, 40 percent of employers declare that they are unable to find employees with the skills and, most importantly, with the experience required.

This led to the foundation of the Alliance for YOUth, a programme under which more than 200 large and small enterprises offer traineeships, apprenticeships or first permanent job opportunities to young employees. Launched in 2014 by Nestle, the programme has since helped 115,000 Europeans enter the labour market.

In addition to employment programmes, the companies associated under the Alliance for YOUth have organised more than 10,000 workshops for recent graduates to prepare them for interviews and help them find their first jobs. Additionally, more than 620 apprenticeship programmes have been provided by the enterprises.

“Adecco was among the initiators of the 2014 agreement. The idea is perfectly in line with our mission,” recalls Anna Wicha, Adecco Poland’s CEO. “Therefore we are going to continue our involvement with the programme, which is expected to generate 230,000 new jobs for young Europeans.”

Look to the future with pride

The organisation’s plans until 2020 were announced on 15 November at a special meeting held at the European Parliament, with the participation of the Commissioner for Employment, Ms. Marianne Thyssen. The member companies assured that they would create 230,000 jobs for young citizens of the Union, and that they would focus particularly on partnerships with educational institutions, such as universities and colleges.

Unemployment among people under 26 years of age is a growing challenge for the EU countries. According to Eurostat, 6.6 million young people across the EU were NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) in 2015. In some member states of the Community, the unemployment rates of those aged 15-23 are even at 40% [1] . The situation is most dramatic in Greece, where 50.3 of people in this age group are unemployed. The corresponding percentage is 43.9% in Spain and 39.2% in Italy [2] .

In the previous edition of the programme, Adecco provided 13,500 jobs to young people across Europe.

“Many of them cannot find a job because they have no experience, which they can’t gain because no one wants to hire them. This is a vicious circle which is more and more difficult to get out of,” Anna Wicha comments. “It’s an enormous waste of social potential and talents, which Europe can’t afford if it wishes to remain a dynamic continent of prosperity” concludes Wicha.

Both globally and in Poland, Adecco is committed to improving chances of employment for young people and helps them enter the labour market via a number of specialised programmes, such as Adecco Way to Work, Win4Youth or CEO For One Month.

Nearly 500,000 graduates enter the labour market in Poland every year. Currently, the labour market looks optimistic – according to recent data of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy (MRPiPS), the unemployment rate has reached a record low of 8.3. It is good news for all young employees who face a difficult situation on the labour market – the MRPiPS’ data shows that only 26.7% of those aged 15-24 and 78.7% of those aged 25-34 are in employment. Young people are particularly exposed to long-term unemployment periods, precisely because they have no experience.