Adecco recruits in the Płock region


Adecco Poland, an international company providing services in the field of human capital management, has opened an office in Płock.

The office was opened mainly because of the fact that companies located in Płock and its surroundings express willingness to cooperate with Adecco determining the location of the nearest agency post. In the same way the Adecco Poland headquarters decided to set up a new branch  in Płock, which will cover quite vast area e.g. Płońsk, Ciechanów, Mława, Ostrołęka and Żuromiński District.

-The primary objective of our company is to react as quickly as possible to the current human resources needs of the local market, which appeared during planning the location of the new Adecco office. We are sure that the offer directed to employees, but also to local employers, will meet all their expectations - indicates Michał Skorupa, the Area Manager of Adecco Poland.

The main project which is currently conducting by Adecco in Płock is international recruitment for virtually all kinds of posts in Germany, Norway, Russia and Ukraine. Taking key regional employers into consideration, recruitment processes are conducted for the most popular positions relating to manufacturing, office work and people having experience in working in the industrial-warehousing sector and the trade sector. A separate group of projects concerns recruitment for specialist positions, where the demand for experienced technicians and engineers is visible. Among industries which constitute the largest human resource potential for the Płock region, there are such sectors as: energy and petroleum, FMCG, logistics, warehousing.

-Developing of temporary work awareness among companies is another challenge set by Adecco in Płock. We are fully aware of the fact that education of the market in this respect is a long-lasting process. Therefore, our office decided to launch a broad educational campaign, which will consist of two stages. The first one consists in direct contact with company representatives in order to discuss a detailed scope of cooperation with temporary work agencies, presenting optimal solutions for efficient management of human resources – enumerates Michał Skorupa. -The second stage will consist in organizing local conferences and business breakfasts, with the aim being to discuss ongoing and planned investments in Płock and its surrounding with a great emphasis on the presentation of private sector needs and expectations towards the job market.  We are currently focused on defining the most important organizational and legal challenges of the Płock region and looking jointly for effective solutions. Because of a considerable potential of the local job market we want to enable candidates and employers to get to know each other and start cooperating – adds Michał Skorupa.

According to the data presented in December 2010 by the District Employment Office the unemployment rate in the Płock District constitutes 18%, followed by unemployment rate in Płock accounting for 11%.

-We invite to visit our office all people who are looking for a job in order to enter into free registration. Being in our database they increase their chances of continuing professional career – indicates Michał Skorupa.

Adecco has been operating in Poland since 1994. It employs over 200 people and serves more than 900 clients. Via the agency of Adecco 27 thousand people were employed in 2010 in Poland.

Office in Płock:
Adecco Poland Sp. z o.o.,
Grodzka 15/1
09-400 Płock
Phone number: 24 262 22 91, 268 51 88