Debate on Swedish job market


15 March 2011, responding to Adecco Poland invitation the Board of Directors of Almega Service Employers - a Swedish organization associating all local service companies, including HR consulting firms comes to Poland. Almega Service Employers Association has currently 10 thousand members which jointly employ approximately 500 thousand employees in all sectors of Swedish economy.

Representatives of Polish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce will take part in the meeting. This is the first such initiative ever. The main objective of the event is to find an optimal way of exchanging knowledge and experience in the context of personnel potential of both countries. Several issues will be discussed, such as: the polish job market and possibilities of hiring polish specialists in Sweden, determining what is expected from candidates, as well as differences between Polish and Swedish employees and development of Swedish economy sectors and personnel needs.

-We are sure that during the first scheduled meeting we will be able to  assess the potential related to possibilities for employing Polish workers in Sweden. On the other hand we are concentrated on the fact, that such initiatives should be an occasion to a joint discussion concerning the solution applied by Adecco on the polish market and experiences related to the HR management - indicates Anna Wicha, Country Manager, Adecco Poland.

For some years Adecco has observed a systematic growth of interest in Polish employees working in the whole Scandinavia. Up till now Adecco Poland conducted projects, which were directed to such countries as Norway and Sweden. In 2010, via the agency,  a group of 30 employees went to Sweden to work mostly at construction related vacancies, such as:  welders, steel fixers, concreters, tarmac workers, carpenters, construction machines operators, engineers, medical profession workers, nurses and doctors. The most common determinant of working in Sweden is high wage, actually it is the highest one in Europe (along with Norway, Finland and Denmark), high employment standards, protection of trade unions and high standards of living. In 2011 Adecco Poland expects a growing interest in Polish candidates, especially specialists.

-In order to comply with the growing needs of Swedish job market, we have to start discussing over all relevant issues with our Sweden partners - says Przemysław Osuch, Business Development Director Adecco Poland.