Fine feathers make fine birds


Special Day Event – Adecco Office

You should be aware how to look for a job. The employment potential in the capital city is immense, but you should know how to take advantage of it. On 1st July professional consultants will help you to deal with it.

Are you looking for a job? You have been applying, but with no response or maybe you are just creating your CV. This is the right time to take advantage of knowledge and experience of qualified experts at recruitment. On 1st  July, the Special Day Event is to be held in the Adecco office ‘Fine feathers make fine birds’. The event is directed to all people interested in finding a fascinating job, striving for personal development and looking for their own professional career path. All you need to do is to bring your CV and Adecco specialist will tell you what you should to do to prepare for an interview. They show you the right way of preparing application documents and reveal secrets how to make a good impression on recruitment staff and provide a model of job interview. You can also find out about alternative methods of looking for a job. A free photographer will be available for all participants in order to take  professional pictures adjusted to your CV.

-The event is noteworthy, especially as the interest in this area of knowledge, only in Warsaw, is very high. The potential of the job market in the capital city constitutes students estimated at 350 thousand people – they are mainly future office employees – says Marek Strojkowski, Adecco Poland.

Method of small steps to employment

It is not a secret, the realities of job market are ruthless. Getting a good job is a challenge, particularly for young people without long-standing experience, hence Adecco Office has taken this initiative. As a temporary work agency it offers an alternative way of acquiring proper professional knowledge.

-There is a prevailing opinion that temporary work is a flexible form of employment, but also unstable one. However, according to market reports, temporary work agencies increase employees' chances on the job market. Approximately 20% of all people employed via temporary work agencies find a permanent job - says Anna Wicha, Country Manager of Adecco Poland.

Are companies in the capital city convinced to outsource their recruitment processes? – A company which is specialized in providing such services has necessary experience, possess vast and varied database of contacts to potential candidates. What is more, it is able to define a level of risk involving in a recruitment process and suggest a substitute method. Companies which have just appeared on the market or those which have already had their own HR department do not have such tools.

Ignorance of the job market in a given sector and specific features of a particular post can lead to miscalculation of key employee’s competences. Knowledge, tried and tested methods of verification candidates' competence, expertise in specification of individual markets concerning employers needs, as well as employees expectations - these are priceless attributes of companies specialized in the outsourcing recruitment process.

-We are heading for the right direction, and opening another Adecco Office is further step in the development of employee outsourcing. Entrepreneurs are very appreciative of its merits e.g. quick and effective reactions to changes in the economic situation or flexible staff adjustment to current needs of a company. Whereas employees are satisfied with a quicker recruitment process, specialist training courses and professional consultancy concerning employment issues. -This leads us to the conclusion that the role of employment agencies on the job market is increasing – summarizes Anna Wicha, Country Manager of Adacco Poland.

Adecco Office uses know-how of the British Department of Office Angels, which has been specializing in recruitment white collar workers for 25 years.