Intensive growth phase


According to the Adecco Poland data concerning the demand for temporary employees in 2010, the biggest growth, compared to 2009, occurred in metal industry, accounting for 400%, followed by automotive industry at 81%. The growth in Finance and Insurance made up 50%. The increase in employment rate appeared also in such sectors as: energy, foodstuff, metal, IT.

-With an income at the level of 281 million and the growth of 31% compared to 2009, the last year was considerably profitable for Adecco.  Compared to 2009 the profit increased of 75% - said Anna Wicha, Country Manager of Adecco Poland. - However, these results are a consequence of market education and companies being more open to flexible forms of employment, than a real increase in the economy – added Anna Wicha.

A key cause of the increase in three top industries is comparing the results of Adecco Poland to the year 2009, is that customers generally in year 2009 reduced their budgets relating to a temporary work recruitment process. The year 2010 was really a strategic moment, which enabled Adecco to start making up its loss.

-On the other hand, it should be indicated that the top entities from such sectors as: metal, automotive, finances and insurance increased in 2010 number of orders directed from western Europe countries to eastern and central Europe, where costs of work are considerably lower and enable them to manage their expenses efficiently. Another reason is reduction of expenses related to extension of permanent employment and offloading them onto the flexible forms of employment e.g.  in the above-mentioned sectors – reported Anna Wicha.

Apart from the fact that a stable increase in the economy can be observed, the human resources consulting market still cannot rebuild its position from before the year 2008. It is worth a mention that losses suffered during 3-4 months, the economy has been trying to make up with a great effort for a dozen or so months.

-We are still convinced that the market is not stable, but we are optimistic about the year 2011. We have not reached the level we had before the crisis, but certainly we will manage to do it soon. Let’s say that we are in the intensive growth phase. Adecco Poland anticipates the growth of 35% in 2011. It means that in the first half of the year we will reach an income level similar to the one we had during the period of an economic boom in 2008, and in the second half of the year we are going to exceed it by 25% - claims Anna Wicha.

After the crisis in Europe we observe increasing demand for temporary employees. It is natural, the reason being that companies waiting for an economic growth are more willing to employ. Almost all sectors have made up their losses at the level of approximately 75%. The decrease in employing temporary workers by Adecco Poland occurred only in transportation, logistics and telecommunication.