Matura examination from… temporary work


This years’ Matura results dispel all illusions. The Central Examination Commission announced that among a group of 343 thousand students who took the Matura examination, approximately 84 thousand students failed it. It constitutes nearly one-fourth of all students taking the exam.  However, there is a chance to make the best of a period of time left to resit the Matura.

The longest holiday of a lifetime awaits those students who passed the Matura and who will undergo the process of university entrance examination successfully. However,  the risit is to be taken by about 84 thousand students. Even if the Matura is not passed at the second attempt, the year does not have to be wasted - students have an opportunity to start looking for a job . The job market gives them a chance to take their first steps in various professions, broaden their skills and competence.  A chance for young people without previous work experience is to turn to temporary work agencies for help.

- Taking up temporary work enables young people to adjust job duties to their lifestyle and school/university duties.  With the flexible form of employment, not only can students earn money, but also they have a chance to become more independent and primarily gain valuable experience.  Temporary work is a great opportunity to acquire basic professional competence in customer service and organization and style of work in companies. It often requires to be also interested in surroundings in which an employer runs a business, such as: the market, industries, laws – this kind of knowledge will certainly pay off in the future. The educational aspect of work matters as well – young people can learn from it how to be responsible, systematic and reliable. Work develops creative thinking, shapes ability to identify with a group, cooperate with people and compare their attitudes with attitudes of others - says Grażyna Chmielowska, Sales & Operational Director in Adecco Poland.

Vast selection

One can earn extra money via an agency inter alia by putting mobile phones into boxes or packing gadgets with newspapers/magazines. A candidate can also try to get a job as a pollster or an assistant, hostess—everything depends on experience and skills. As far as summertime is concerned vacancies are exceptionally attractive e.g. working in concert or mass event  support service. The most popular holiday jobs include working in gastronomy or at promotional-sales campaigns conducting by e.g. travel agencies, delivering leaflets.

- Growing demand for workforce in holiday period deepens an interest in employing young people by companies. We predict that in this year there will be more vacancies than during last holiday. However, the increase does not concern a number of vacancies being on offer, but the proportion of companies which look for employees via temporary work agencies - says Grażyna Chmielowska.

Temporary work for a good start

According to the market reports, temporary work agencies increase employees' chances on the job market. Nowadays in Poland the percentage of people who find a stable job constitutes 20% of all employees working via agencies.

- Entrepreneurs appreciate advantages of flexible forms of employment e.g. immediate and effective reaction to changes in economic condition or efficient staff adjustment to current needs of a company. Whereas employees praise complex recruitment process, professional training and vocational consultancy. Young people who are taking their first steps in their professional career by taking up temporary work can gain an advantage over the rest of peers who just entering the job market - considered Grażyna Chmielowska.

Temporary work in practice

Candidates who are interested in taking up temporary work can register in the Adecco database via the website, using the 'job search’ option or visiting one of 52 Adecco offices in Poland.

- We select from the database of candidates those whose skills and interests suit employers’ demands. If we do not encounter any obstacles, we employ a candidate – depending on the characteristic of work it is an employment contract for a fixed period or employment contract for a period needed to complete a given task - adds Grażyna Chmielowska.