More temporary work in the Podbeskidzie region


Data of international human resource consulting company Adecco Poland show that since January this year Podbeskidzie region has recorded approximately 45% increase in temporary jobs over the same period of 2010. The largest increase was recorded in the automotive industry.

Strong interest of companies in hiring temporary workers could have been observed since the beginning of January this year. In total ,since the beginning of this year, Adecco office in Podbeskidzie (Bielsko-Biala, Zywiec and Czechowice-Dziedzice) has employed over 1,270 employees. Such a large dynamic growth in the number of temporary workers in the region was caused by the orders flowing from customers representing key sectors of the economy - particularly automotive and construction industries.

- The trend should be continued. We believe that in the coming months, the demand for this form of employment will still be very large - emphasizes Gabriela Pachla-Cichoń, Branch Director in Adecco Poland, Bielsko Biala. - The labor market in Podbeskidzie region is very  dynamic. It results from the fact there are more and more jobs but not enough qualified candidates.

One of the key projects which has been recently undertaken by the Adecco office in Bielsko-Biala was recruitment process for Hutchinson Poland in Żywiec, which at the end of January raised the demand for temporary employment of 150 employees. The recruitment process was completed in mid-February. At the moment Adecco Poland in Podbeskidzie recruit employees mainly for customers from the automotive sector - 38 people, and the construction industry, which seeks for 18 temporary workers. Number of ordered employees has been constantly growing.

- Companies from the Podbeskidzie region decide to cooperate with such an employment agency like Adecco Poland not only to reduce costs of recruitment, but also shift the management of temporary staff. This solution is used primarily to relieve the personnel departments, quickly reaching the valuable candidates and to protect themselves against possible declines in orders and downturn - added Gabriela Pachla-Cichoń.

According to data from CSO and the Regional Labour Office in Katowice from December 2010 an average number of employees in the enterprise sector amounted to 732.8 thousand people and the unemployment rate stood at 9.9%. Over 196 thousand unemployed were registered in January 2011.