SAP professionals urgently wanted


Adecco Poland has just started a recruitment process for the company HCL AXON (HCL Technologies Division) which is one of the largest global SAP partners around the world. The project aims to HCL AXON jobs in London, one hundred experienced professionals from Poland who will work in the implementation of SAP in the largest global companies including Electrolux, GlaxoSmithKline, or BP.

HCL AXON is counting on the fact that Polish computer scientists are very interested in expanding its competence in the areas where it will be hard to gain experience while remaining in the country.

- Thinking about your own development in a specialized field such as SAP implementation, Polish computer scientists at some point have to consider the decision to work abroad. The vast majority of ERP systems implemented in Poland are a roll-outs or implementation of selected modules of the solution. It is not true for the main headquarters of multinational corporations located outside Poland. They implement the system comprehensively. Therefore I think it is a big challenge and also a chance to develope their own skills - says Irena Pruszyńska Permanent Placement Division Director in Adecco Poland, responsible for the recruitment process.

Global status of the company, as in the case of HCL Axon, guarantees possibility of a wider range of experiences for its employees. The company draws its powers from many international projects that are very often in terms of innovation, or scale have never been implemented in Poland.

- HCL AXON offers Polish consultants a unique opportunity for professional development.  Working in a global organization they will be able to deepen their substantive knowledge together with the most experienced SAP consultants in Europe. - says Christian Bailey, Head of Global Operations HCL Axon.

In Poland, the average wage for this type of position is about 10-12 thousand zlotys gross. In EU countries, wage spreads are very wide, I'm sure these are the sums of more than 15 thousand PLN. Slightly higher rates are offered to the freelancers, as a day of work in the project costs between 200-400 euros. However, the independent position is only for the best with extensive experience.

- Our packages are competitive - ensures Christian Bailey.

HCL AXON is one of the largest global SAP partners worldwide. The company was founded in 1994, it has its headquarters in Europe, the United States, Canada as well as Asia and Pacific region. It currently employs about 1,650 employees who provide dedicated solutions for more than 30 countries worldwide. For the last 10 years, HCL AXON has implemented more than 350 SAP systems and has provided services to more than 500 large organizations.

Adecco Poland is looking for employees who have a min. 4-year experience in the implementation of the SAP system and speak English fluently.

Those who are interested in jobs offered by HCL Axon may send their applications to: or contact us on 723 193 110.