Seasonal work strengthens the Christmas budget

This year, Christmas spending of a statistical Pole will amount to PLN 720. Part of this amount will be spent on gifts, the rest on arrangements, such as meals or long-distance family visits.

A survey by Provident shows that 10% of respondents intend to spend more than PLN 1,000 on Christmas. Another 20% declare they will not spend more than PLN 400. This group consists mostly of younger people who only intend to buy presents and do not have to participate in the seasonal preparations. For those who have already started their own families, the foreseeable expenditure is over PLN 800.

“Such expenses make themselves felt for the household budget, and therefore it is not surprising that more and more Poles want to make some extra money before Christmas,” says Gabriela Pachla-Cichoń, a Service Delivery Manager at Adecco Poland. “Many companies, especially those in logistics and commerce, look for additional manpower in the pre-Christmas period, which is far from easy with the unemployment rate at 8.4%. Therefore, temporary workers may expect better and better hourly rates. Hence in general, the situation resembles the last year. But the demand for manpower is higher, and it’s harder to find employees after unemployment fell so significantly.”

TOP 3 sectors generating highest employment in the pre-Christmas period:

  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Commerce: stores, malls, point of sale services, hostesses, merchandising
  • Industry: FMCG and printing

Logistics and Santas

In the run-up to Christmas, a lot of temporary jobs are created at logistic centres. Nationwide, thousands of additional jobs are provided to pick packers, warehouse workers and couriers. Only thus far into 2016, in response to the demand from a leader of the logistics sector operating distribution centres near Poznan and Wroclaw, Adecco Poland has recruited a total of nearly 9,000 employees (the corresponding total was 4,500 in 2014 and over 7,700 in 2015). The recruitment is still in progress, and several thousand seasonal workers are to be hired by the end of November.

The scale of demand for temporary labour in the logistic and warehousing sectors is demonstrated by the fact that automatic recruiting stations are being deployed by one of the companies. In order to meet the demand of the pre-Christmas peak period, the company needs 12,000 additional workers.

Adecco’s data shows that jobs are sought by everybody, from students to elderly people, both unemployed and employed. Next to logistics, where Adecco has already recruited 9,000 employees for the sector’s major player, there is an intensive search for manpower by trading companies, FMCG manufacturers, but also printing companies, which must supply hundreds of Christmas cards.

Santa Claus is one of the jobs typical for the season. Depending on the province and site, (a shopping mall or a private event), the hourly rates range between PLN 15 and PLN 300.

“Against all appearances, there are lots of requirements the candidates for the job must meet. They must be at a proper age, generously proportioned, they must get on well and be patient with kids, they need sense of humour,” says Gabriela Pachla-Cichoń. “It’s not easy to find a person like that, which is why the hourly rates are soaring.”

Fair rates for everyone

Adecco’s data shows that while Santas are the key beneficiaries of the season, a fair pay may also be expected for some other jobs. A hostess, a warehouse worker and a mystery shopper may expect up to PLN 20 per hour; stocktaking workers, merchandisers and pick packers may be paid up to PLN 15 per hour, and leaflet distributors up to PLN 13 per hour.

“A task-specific contract and a contract of mandate are the dominant forms of employment. The point is, however, that seasonal work may be an excellent opportunity to enter or re-enter the labour market,” emphasizes Gabriela Pachla-Cichoń. “In many cases, people who have done well in seasonal work might expect more job offers from Adecco, or even a permanent placement,” the expert concludes.


PLN gross hourly rate

Stocktaking worker

PLN 10/16

Brand promoter

PLN 14-18 + sales bonuses


PLN 14-20


PLN 11-15

Leaflet distributor

PLN 10-13

Mystery shopper

PLN 18-20

Christmas tree packer

PLN 10-14

Glassware packer

PLN 12.50-15.00

Santa Claus for publicity events

PLN 15-22

Santa Claus for home visits

PLN 80-300

Warehouse workers

PLN 15-20