Staff potential in Silesian voivodeship


A conference entitled "Smart Development - Prospects for socio-economic development of Katowice and Silesia." took place on 24 February 2011 in Katowice. Adecco Poland was a contents partner of the meeting.

The conference was another meeting within the cycle entitled "Prospects in Poland" that promotes Polish cities and their investment opportunities. The conference was attended by representatives of the authorities of Katowice and Silesia voivodeship, advisers of the world's top consulting firms, lawyers, financiers and experts of business organizations as well as representatives of companies that had invested in Silesia.

The purpose of the meeting in Katowice was to discuss the investment policy in Silesia Metropolitan Area with particular emphasis on cooperation with representatives of business, analysis of the investment potential of Katowice in the era of wide-ranging changes to the city center, a presentation of the needs and expectations of the private sector towards the local government, financial support for the investment, innovation and research projects and defining major organizational, logistical, legal challenges of Silesia region.
- Key determinants of investment in the region such as Silesia is the availability of attractive areas, communication, investment incentives from local governments and determining the human capital defining the structure of education, financial expectations of employees at various levels and knowledge of foreign languages - says Maciej Pustół, Area Manager in Adecco Poland.
- Strengths worth emphasizing in the Silesian human resources are primarily: a very large number of skilled workers, and the number of students and graduates one of the highest in the country - adds Maciej Pustół.

According to the ranking of the Institute for Market Economics entitled 'Investment attractiveness of voivodeships and sub-regions of Poland, "published in December 2010, Silesia is the most attractive location for investors in Poland. The report examined several variables that are the basis for the assessment of spatial differentiation of the various benefits of location, including such key factors as the availability of transport, size and quality of labor resources and labor costs.

Strong position of Silesia is confirmed by the activity of the largest special economic zone in Poland.  Katowice Special Economic Zone is a leader among Polish special economic zones. It currently includes more than 200 companies. In addition to entities from the automotive industry, the largest share of investment belongs to companies in the metal, construction, engineering and electronics industry.

- We are confident that next year will bring further investments in the region that will improve  competitiveness. Successful implementation of strategies oriented to solve major problems and keeping the region on a path of sustainable development is very important from the perspective of Silesia region. - emphasizes Christopher Zajkowski, Marketing Manager in Adecco Poland.

The key element providing a constant development of Silesian voivodeship is also related to the dynamic expansion of the role of temporary work. Interest in temporary staff is due to the fact that Polish entrepreneurs began to use different forms of employment consciously. - Companies have learned from a quite a difficult situation in 2009. Businesses look for flexible forms of employment offered by outsourcing or temporary work. The use of flexible forms of employment provides an easy and fast way to adapt your business to the current market situation, without having to conduct lengthy and often expensive recruitment - adds Maciej Pustół.

According to the latest CSO data, the average number of employees in the enterprise sector in December 2010 in the Silesian Province amounted to 721.1 thousand people, whereas in January 2011 the unemployment rate was 10.6%.