White collars and temporary work


There is a dominating opinion that temporary work is a very demanding occupation only for those with primary education or vocational education. It's a myth that shall be overthrown.

According to Eurociett, temporary workers in Poland in 2008 accounted for 0.6 percent of a total number of employees. A year later the rate was already 0.44 percent. A new report Eurociett shows that the Polish labor market has accelerated rapidly - up to 37 percent in the first quarter of 2011 compared with last year. Eurociett forecast for 2012 is also optimistic – an estimated 26 percent growth shows that we are aware of the benefits, both for companies and employees, coming from temporary employment.

Blue-collar workers - White-collar workers 1-0

In the Western European countries, the temporary work market in most places focuses on the service sector workers. In Poland, almost three quarters of the contracts include the production sites, but year after year a number of people looking for work "in services” is growing. This is evident even on the basis of the temporary work market in terms of gender. Throughout 2010, among all the temporary workers men’s share was 54 percent. However, in the first half of the same year it was at the level of 62 percent. We are dealing with a significant decline. The reason could be the change of the trend in hiring temporary workers and an increase in office jobs in total employment - the secretarial or assistant positions are frequently filled by women.  Poland stands out from the west with these results, but experts point out progressive change in the trend.

- In Poland, temporary work has a much shorter tradition. Such large discrepancies are related primarily to the education of the home market and the demand among foreign investors. The first global corporations, which have appeared on the Polish market, were conducting manufacturing activities and they were the first to benefit from temporary employment agency.  For the last few years we could have seen development of service sector companies - agencies receive more and more jobs in the call center or telemarketing departments. Not long ago, workers in the manufacturing sector accounted for 80 percent of all temporarily employed. Today, this relation is moving slowly and it is just a matter of time. The temporary employment market has a huge future ahead. Especially now, in times of the crisis it is the containment strategy of both small and large companies - concludes Anna Wicha, Country Manager of Adecco Poland.

For a good start

Although the "blue collar" workers still dominate in futures contracts, year after year temporary work attracts people with higher education and secondary education. What is the reason for that? One factor is the fact that temporary work agencies increase the chances of workers on the labor market. Nowadays in Poland, nearly 20 percent of people work through them on permanent employment contracts. Furthermore, as much as 60 percent of temporary workers chose it because of the flexible working hours, and 80 percent decide on it as it  give a chance to get to know different occupational environment and gain professional experience.

- One of the decisive arguments to take up a temporary work was the employer with whom I have found employment. This is one of the largest investors in our region and one of the most active companies in the global automotive market. It gives me great career opportunities, I learn, I use knowledge and experience of professionals with whom I work. Furthermore, recently I have just finished my studies and have little work experience. It was not my strength in talks with potential employers as they wanted education supported with experience. Due to the temporary work I have not only found employment, but also won the possibility of obtaining a permanent contract of employment. Speaking about the advantages of flexible forms of employment, I mean free approach to termination of employment or a short period of notice. Sometimes a worker is needed "from tomorrow" - then we can efficiently and quickly begin work for another employer - says Marcin Balic, Materials Specialist at GM Opel.

There is a growing appetite for office staff

In response to increased demand from companies to recruit qualified office personnel, Adecco has launched a service called Adecco Office that specializes exclusively in hiring staff for this profile. Adecco offers all available forms of delivering staff - including temporary work.

- For now on we concentrate on the Warsaw market, as this with the greatest potential. Warsaw is not only Polish capital, but capital and headquarters of companies both domestic and foreign, hence the fast growing demand for so-called "white collars". We will recruit staff for positions at all levels, both assistant, specialist, as well as managerial, and to all departments - HR, marketing, sales, accounting or sales - explains Anna Wicha, Country Manager of Adecco Poland.

The potential of the metropolitan labor market are also students, whose number is estimated at 350 thousand. – these are mostly office workers. If at the beginning of the career path they do not find permanent employment, Adecco offers a good alternative, temporary work. Taking temporary employment allows young people to adapt to the professional duties to their lifestyle and academic responsibilities. Thanks to the flexible form of employment they can not only earn, but become more independent and, above all, gain valuable experience.

- In October, I am beginning my studies, however I would like to test myself on the labor market. Many companies in Warsaw recruit students for apprenticeships. Unfortunately, they are generally free, and responsibilities has often little potential. I prefer to acquire specific skills and earn at the same time. That is why temporary work is perfect. I came across an Adecco offer while searching through the classified job ads –  computer skills, English language on communicative level, commitment and good will were required - says Piotr Szymaniak from Warsaw.