As a global leader in recruitment solutions, we want to provide the Candidates with the best possible experience during the recruitment process. This is why we launched Adecco Contact Center – says Marta Gerlach-Kaleta, Candidates & Service Management Director at Adecco.

The Contact Center in practice

The Contact Center of Adecco has been operating since July of this year. Since then, the consultants have received more than 20 thousand calls.

Adecco Contact Center is a group of employees, specializing in pre-screening and handling of telephone calls. Building the Contact Center, we focused on the needs of our Candidates to provide them with unique quality during the first contact, which is of key importance, Marta Gerlach-Kaleta says.

This assumption is based on the values of Adecco. People are our most important asset, and we launch our services, such as the Contact Center, for them. Our aim is to provide every Candidate with professional consulting and to become a long-term business partner to them, Marta Gerlach-Kaleta adds.

We understand the present labor market, and the service will allow us to offer more effective support for Candidates and Employers. The Contact Center will strengthen our recruitment process and provide better care for persons searching for a job or open to change. A fresh graduate expects professional consulting and job offers that differ substantially from those expected by an experienced professional, even if their profiles seem to be similar. Thanks to our approach, we are able to go effectively through the first stage of recruitment with every person. The first stage is the most important one, the expert of Adecco Poland explains.

Response to new challenges

According to estimates of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, the unemployment rate in August reached 7.1 %[1],which is one of the best results in the last quarter of a century. If we combine this indicator with the present economic growth, which stimulates the labor market very strongly, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach the appropriate candidates.

We offer a new quality in recruitment. For many people, the possibility of having a phone conversation to ask about the details and clarify doubts is much more comfortable than writing e-mails or filling out forms. Waiting time does not exceed 5 seconds. Thanks to such efficient services, we are able to optimize the contact process and increase satisfaction of all participants, Marta Gerlach-Kaleta explains.

We want to make sure that our Consultants provide exactly the same assistance that could be obtained during a direct meeting. Getting back to the roots of our trade, we focus on personal contact and invite our callers to talk to us.

The first successes

The Contact Center has already been tested in several big recruitment projects, including one for our key Client - an online trade giant, which has several logistic centers in Poland and constantly needs to recruit new candidates.

Support of the Contact Center in the recruitment process for projects of this type brings very good effects. We will surely develop this mode of communication with the Candidates, Marta Gerlach-Kaleta concludes.